Understanding how discussions occur on Twitter is fundamental, what are individuals referring to, uses new features, and how can they utilize them? These sorts of studies can assist better with grasping the buyers. That is, truth be told, how the notable hashtag was conceived. 

Twitter handles around 400 billion occasions progressively and makes petabytes of information consistently to place things in context. Information is then coordinated into a few datasets for easy recovery.

The greater part of these datasets are currently in Big Query, making information studies fast and simple. One current well known subject of talk on Twitter is Wordle – in light of the fact that it has a basic method for getting more than 1 trillion public Tweets and their connected data. 

Wordle has been referred to in 32.2 million Tweets by 3.3 million people since its origin in mid-October 2021. Wordle buzz on Twitter detonated from 400 Tweets each day in December to 500K Tweets each day at its pinnacle. Wordle-related tweets have gotten over 6.6 billion views, 58 million retweets, and 9 million comments.

Wordle’s launch and social media buzz

Since Wordle launch in mid-October 2021, it has been referenced in 32.2M Tweets, by 3.3M individuals. Wordle prattle on Twitter developed dramatically, from just 400 Tweets/day in December to 500K Tweets/day at top. Tweets about Wordle have gained over 6.6T views, 58M retweets, and 9M comments.

Seeing reviews after some time, it’s fascinating to perceive how Wordle spread through the world. The degrees of concealing on the guide shows a portion of Tweets every day discussing Wordle in each particular country, with dull green connoting that over 1% of Tweets on that day in that nation were about Wordle. 

Wordle turned into a standard subject of discussion in New Zealand sooner than some other country. It then, at that point, immediately spread through Australia, the English Isles, Canada, and the remainder of the world all through the period of January 2022.

Sharing scores

Many individuals have adored sharing their scores on Wordle. Because of the introduction of the share button on December sixteenth and in this way individuals partaking in a standard organization, we could see that there have been 23.5M Tweets sharing English Wordle scores from 2.1M individuals. 

Taking a gander at the dissemination of scores shared over the long run, we could then conjecture what riddles were especially simple or challenging.

Morning vs Late Night Wordlers

Taking a look at dispersions of when individuals shared their Wordle scores on Twitter, it’s obvious that many individuals stay up until late to finish the riddle right as it goes live – with practically 25% of India’s scores partook in the 12am – 1am hour. While the typical scores shared at various times don’t shift a lot, scores posted between 6am – 9am are the most minimal, so perhaps being a morning Wordler is ideal!

British Audiences

Wordle is moving on Twitter like crazy. However, this most recent prevailing fashion is leaving Brits baffled. While talking about Wordle, Brits are 11.5x bound to make reference to feeling irritated, destroyed and raging contrasted with their North American partners. 

English players express their outrage about speculating the word inaccurately, featuring the habit-forming nature of the game and want to win. In any case, the immense volume of social posts around Wordle is bothering the people who aren’t keen on the game. Obviously, Wordle is annoying English crowds up.


In the event that you’re a genuine Wordle devotee, you’ll realize that sharing and contrasting your scores is a critical piece of the endorphin rush. We observed that Americans are bound to enlist their loved ones to participate, recommending that playing the game with others is essential for happiness in this segment. Notwithstanding, what’s silly is that American players are extremely vicious about their loved ones scores, featuring the cutthroat idea of this crowd bunch.


Everybody has their morning schedule. For Canadians, it at present seems to be: shower, breakfast, espresso… Wordle! We observed that Canadian players are 2.3x bound to discuss Wordle close by mornings and espresso. Canadians put away an apportioned chance to play Wordle, showing that the game has combined its place in this crowd gathering’s regular daily existence. The reference to espresso additionally recommends that players need to wake up while playing the game.

What’s Next?

When a superficial glance at the information like this is finished, it frequently considers further speculations to be shaped and researched. While our Wordle investigation closes here for the present, remain tuned to check whether we release additional information. 

Later on, we should jump further into the information and comprehend the drivers of this subject’s virality on Twitter, what other content was talked about related to Wordle, or what kinds of Twitter account holders are essentially keen on this point. Or on the other hand maybe we’d need to collaborate with our research partners, who are specialists in reviewing clients, to plunge further. Our quantitative accomplices can run huge scope overviews with Twitter clients to uncover general patterns.

Data science, quantitative, and subjective accomplices all work together as Twitter is delivering another component or exploring the arrival of another feature so we can profoundly comprehend the space and the requirements of individuals on Twitter to guarantee that we are building the best item that we would be able. Experiences from these three accomplices are basic in educating the plan and usefulness regarding features, alongside what elements would be valuable for Twitter to execute.


Twitter users emphasize the prevalence of these games in correlation over Wordle, proclaiming them ageless and stylish. In any case, the crowd is partitioned, for certain Americans suggesting that Wordle could be on the way to notorious word game status.

Enormous scope surveys of Twitter users might be directed to reveal wide examples. The subjective accomplices direct overviews with an impressively more modest number of users, however they can undeniably go more profound. Grasping ways of behaving through statistics, surveys, and meetings give a far more profound picture than depending entirely on one information source.

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